Thursday, April 9, 2009


In general, im not very fond of posctards with people (why, kill me if i actually know) but i DO like it when they are portraying something significant about the country, like in this case.

the back of the cards says: Maiko-Feminine charms of traditional Japan are still preserved by these Kimono-clad maiko in Kyoto.
I had no idea what Maiko actually is..but here is what friendly google says: Maiko is a Japanese word for "dancing girl" and is an apprentice of Gesiha.
And it also can be a female given name....whose meaning can be different regarding the Kanji used...hmm, and thats when i got lost and stopped googling...if you expected me to actually analyze each Kanji and what each name means, then sorry, but you've overestimated me!
I once started learning Japanese...I knew how to write my name, and some very simple words (which nowadays im teaching my 4 year old students) like apple, tree, sun...that Japanese learning is a real story, but i wont go into details...the thing is, today, i know NO Japanese at all...whatever i had learned, just that...
I was analyzing this Maiko on earth can she walk on those platforms! I mean, i know it would be easier to walk on those then on high-heels of the same size since these are flat and its easier to hold balance and all(btw, im a walking-fiasco when it comes to high-heels of any size) but still...when you dont really have a close connection with the surface you are walking on, it gets difficult...even on platforms...i have a pair of lovely white sandals, which are like 20cm high...and i always feel as if my leg is gonna twist and im gonna break an ankle...with these ones as well...i mean, just look at them...all it takes is to lean a bit forward...and puff...again!

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Marie Reed said...

I posted about a Geisha today too! This one is just lovely:)