Thursday, April 9, 2009

Palmer Land, Antarctica

Whichever adjective i use in order to describe this card, i still wont actually express how i feel towards it...fascinating? Yeah, it is fascinating, but it feels as if its more than that as well....maybe you cant get the ACTUAL glimpse of it thru here, but this card is just absolutely AWESOME!!!

The Antarctica itself is more than appealing to me, something i want to explore, get inside its secrets, depths, mysteries....extremes of the world actually fascinate me in general.
This card is called: BAS Twin Otter flying low over a crevasse field.
This is the English Coast of Palmer Land, which is broad southern part of the Antarctic Peninsula about 640 km east of Peter I Island (in the Bellingshausen Sea), claimed by Britain as part of the British Antarctic Territory. It is named after its discoverer, Nathaniel Palmer,  captain of a U.S. sealing vessel, who led an expedition to Antarctica in 1820.
A GREAT GREAT GREAT card! Simply GREAT! Not just coz its the Antarctica...i simply love how they caught that plane..i love its reflection in the snow...and its just a feeling one of a kind, a plane, flying over a deserted area, having in mind that unlike the Arctic, on Antarctica there are no permanent human residencies...except for scientists and explorers....


Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, just an outstanding card. One of the great ones.
Take care,

elton1956 said...

I´d like to get postcards from Antarctica. I´m planning to visit Antactica in February 2012.