Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gaotian, China

If things go as i was told they will, then soon i might be burried in piles of work...and i actually want that to happen, since i need money...a lot! I know I always complain when i have to work 24/7, but no work, means no money and no money means no to many hopefully, that work will come...what i wanted to say is that if that happens, i wont be able to actually make many updates (as if until now i had been the most regular updater) so i just want to use my time before that and compensate somehow...and not leave cards piling and piling and piling...if i exclude all my older cards, from before the postcrossing era, right now so many cards on stand-by that i would need to make an update every single day (with 3 or 4 cards per day) for the next two whole months, in order to exhaust that whole collection....if we assume that i wont receive any cards in those two months....which, is not gonna happen, coz im not gonna allow it...i mean...two months with no cards...who are you kidding?? So i guess ill just slowly update here, with cards making bigger and bigger piles, and with people wondering, why am i not posting a card they had sent me...well, its not coz i dont like your card...thats not a reason at just know that my whole updating concept is complicated....but i dont wanna change know why? coz it will feel as if i had failed to go all the way on something i had said i would breaking a rule just coz i didnt have enough patience...its like when you go on a diet, and at the third glimpse of the chocolate, you eat it whole and then you feel guilty and something feels wrong inside...well, resisting a chocolate isnt always easy, so at least i dont want to be character-less i hope you understand..and in case you see your card in two years time, its not coz i didnt like it, ok?

ok, i think i talked too i will spare you from more talks :)
Ill show you a video instead, which is somewhat related to the card instead of my rants, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the nice relaxing music :)

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