Friday, March 20, 2009

Dalarna, Sweden

This card dates back from 1994 and is from a very dear girl of mine with whom i lost touch long time ago, Christina Dulley from Sweden...ive tried to find her, but unfortunately, no luck...i think that, all those last name changes when ladies get married, arent in my favour...
The card in particular shows one of the  Swedish counties, Dalarna. Ever since i received this card back then, i found it strange that houses are so far away from one other..i mean, in general, im used to places where people live near each other, that if i want to visit my neighbours, it wont take me more then a minute to get to them...on the card, it feels as if it takes rather long to visit a friend or a relative who actually lives near...i dont just not used to seeing houses in an ihnabitted area, scattered around like that...though on the other hand its good, since you have some greater privacy, instead neighbours who dont know to mind their own business (i have nice neighbours though...i cant complain...but im sure they have noticed that i check my mailbox every 10 minutes, so i dont know what they think of that :))

ahhh Christina, where art thou?! :-(

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