Friday, March 20, 2009

Chervonohorod, Ukraine

This card is from another dear lady called Ksenia, who i wholeheartedly think deserves to have a space dedicated on PFF. She travels rather often, and she always remembers to surprise my mailbox from the places she goes to...and im extremely thankful coz of that!

This card shows Chervonohord, which is a small town in the Ternopil region in Ukraine.
Two defensive towers rise in the picturesque place in the tract of Chervone. There used to be a small town in the early Middle Ages. From the 14th century it became the princes Korijatowiczes' residence. In 1448 the town was given Magdeburg right. In 1672 it was ruined by thetroops of Sultan Mahomet IV. In 1820 Karol Ponicski built a palace (designed by Makiowski, the architect) from which just towers have left. (from the back of the card)

Thank you Ksenia for this card, and for every other single card you have enriched my collection with.

Happy PFF day to all of you...and dont forget to appreciate those small things your friends do for you...they can make you happy at an instant!
Till the next update...and till the next PFF...take care!

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