Friday, March 20, 2009


Hello all! You are just in time for another update and for another nice Postcard Friendship Friday hosted over at Marie's Blog...dont forget to have a stop by there :)

Im somewhat managing to have a grasp on how to do my posts when Friday comes...i just need to organize my cards/themes better...its nothing spectacular, in case you expect it to be so...but i just want to arrange it somehow regarding friends and friendship and stuff...i think i especially got inspired today after on a day of SNOW STORM..yeah, you read it right...we are having lots and lots of snow falling here, which is ridiculous....during the week it was nice and warm and sunny and today, one day before we need to walk into the sprin season, we are having lots of snow! But what i wanted to say, that even though the day has been awful when it comes to weather conditions, my mailbox had an extra treat, after a long while...lots of great mail, from so many dear people out there...and that just brightened me up, despite i felt so dreary on the really really thankful to them all...they all know who they are, and i dedicate this PPF to them :)

The card itself is called "A Warm G'Day" - From the Land Down Under, by Bruce, Sheila and the Endangered Species Gang.
You know, sometimes, i really think that true friends are a species in extinction....but my dear pals from all over the globe just prove me wrong! I wish my pals from where i live, proved me wrong as well somtimes....


Chris Overstreet said...

If koalas in sunglasses don't make you smile, then nothing will. :)

Vagirl said...

I love that card!
It is soooo adorable.:)