Friday, February 6, 2009

Stetind, Norway

After a long long Norwegian drought, finally, some rain!! Of 4 cards in total!!! Yaaaayy, 4 Norwegian cards!! What a treasure!!! :))  And this one is even from my wishlist..........mmmmmmmmmmmm

Norway Norway Norway! I want to go to Norway!!!!

Stetind is a mountain in Tysfjord, in Norway. In 2002, it was voted to be the National mountain of Norway.
Well, i have to say, it has some  odd shape for a mountain...the peak is somewhat too sharp, and it feels artificial, but if we leave that out, i have to say that the scenery is just sooo serene and beautiful! Actually, Norwegian sceneries are either breathtaking or serene....

well, i bettet go and get some sleep....i feel really tired, which maybe you could have noticed by my posts :)
Yeah, its been a tiring week....but hooray for the Fridays....and keep your fingers having my exam in German today....i have revised almost nothing :(  Im awful sometimes, i know...thats why i need your fingers crossed :)


Tarri said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous of your 4 Norwegian cards. I absolutely love the scenery there too.

I've been there before as a kid when me and my family were driving across Sweden and Norway with caravan. I'd love to travel there again. Not going to happen too soon though :( the future I'm sure... *daydreaming* :)

Ana said...

you've BEEN to Norway??!!
Im the one who should be jealous of you, not you of me :)))

thanks for stopping by :)

imajica said...

oh i love this card too :)