Monday, February 2, 2009

Moscow, Russia

When i did the update about the republics from ex- Yugoslavia, i told you that i had another one on my mind, and here it comes to day...its about the former USSR republics.
Now, i dont have cards from exactly all of them (and if i had, actually that would have been a several-pages-update which would have somehow lost its sense plus it would  have been way too time consuming) and unlike the former Yugoslavia, here i cant really put my personal experiences or views and all, coz ive never lived in any of these republics, so i think i ll basically stick to the postcards-facts...and maybe something else at random...but either way, i hope youll like it :)

I think ive always been amazed by the vastness of Russia...and i sometimes find it hard to comprehend that it actually stretches out over two continents and that it borders both Finland and feels really amazing.
I would like to travel by the Trans-Siberian railway one day...
And this card may be not of a railway, but i surely love it! I have a soft spot for the postcards of the Moscow metro stations...i dont know why, but there is something absolutely lovely in them. Ive already posted 3 cards like this, so this is my 4th Moscow metro station...and hopefully one is on its way too ;)

Taganskaya is a station on the Koltsevaya line of the Moscow Metro. Opened on 1 January 1950 it was part of the first segment of the fourth stage of the system. The station is named after the Taganka square which is a major junction of the Sadovoje Koltso.
The station is a standard pylon-trivault layout that was built with the post-war flamboyance in mind, the overall design is based on the Traditional Russian motives  in decorations.
The central feature of the station are 48 Maiolica panels located on each face of the pylon. These contain apart from floral elements, profile bas-reliefs of various World War II Red Army and Navy servicemen each dedicated to a group such as pilots, tankists, sailors etc.

Now apart from having a great card, the card itself even has stamps related to it, i.e metro stamps...i find this really neat, and beautiful...having a postcard with matching stamp (s)  

thanks a lot to Tatiana P. for sending me this one :)


Marie Reed said...

Hi Ana! It's Postcard Friendship Friday tomorrow (PFF) I hope to see you there:)

Anastasia said...

yeah sometimes i can't realise too how big is the country i live in! I've visited very few russian cities... I went abroad more often. the funny thing is to travel abroad is cheaper than to go to Kamchatka for e.g. or vacation on the Black sea is more expensive than in Turkey or Cyprus.