Friday, February 6, 2009

Goa, India

Goa is India's smallest state in terms of area and the fourth smallest state in terms of population.

Panaji is the state's capital while Vasco de Gama is the largest city. Wow, this is the first time i hear that there is a city in India called like this!
The historic city of Margao till exhibits the influence of Portuguese culture. Portuguese first landed in Goa as merchants, in the early 16th century, and conquered it soon after. The Portuguese overseas territory existed for about 450 years, until it was annexed by India in 1961
Renowned for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage culture, Goa is visited by hundreds of thousands of international and domestic tourists each year.

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imajica said...

I watched this Hindi movie. Yes Hindi movie but the characters had portuguese-like surnames, and I think there was a place or monument of Vaso da Gama in there, Goa, and it's rich of Portuguese culture.

here in malaysia if you have heard Malacca, it has alot of Portuguese colonization remainings as well, the A Famosa for instance. and there has been a community of portuguese descendants, using Portuguese surnames like Santiago, Fernandez etc. my english teacher was one of them. they speak their own language. and if portuguese from europe come here, they'll be meeting long lost relatives right here in malaysia :D