Thursday, February 12, 2009


I know it seems childish but i love receiving postcards with my favourite cartoon characters! I got this and another great Garfield one thanks to Minna.
Tervetuloa actually means Welcome :)  Maybe i should have made this card as a first post today...
I love Snoopy and his sense of humour...I love the Peanuts in general...Linus is my has got to be coz of his name....Linus sounds just so perfect and so melodic to my ears.
I have downloded some of the Peanuts series, yet i havent managed to watch them actually...maybe once i get a new lap-top...on this PC simple browsing tends to get annoying...i dont even wanna think of making a more complex operation :)

here are a few Snoopy case you like him and have some extra time to kill :)

not the kind of a dog i want to keep at home though...too pesky :)

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