Thursday, February 12, 2009

Morro Bay, USA

Hello everyone...dear postcard collector, or just visitors who for one reason or another ended up know you are all welcome :)
Yesterday i finally got some mail, after being ignored by the postman for almost a week....and it was a rather good mail day which included 4 official cards, and here i am to feature one of them....i wanted to make an update yesterday, but i just really wasnt in the mood....i still dont feel ok, i have way too many things weighing on my mind and it all gets me down...but at least my creative part isnt as frozen as yesterday, so hopefully ill manage to write a few decent sentences...if not, you'll know why is it so..


I really like the view on this one. The sender says that Morro Bay is a really nice place to spend an afternoon eating fish and chips with the toes in the sand. Mmmmmm....I dont doubt its nice...i would just add some nice wine on my list to make it feel more complete...
this is what the back of the card says:
"Morro rock towers over the coastal town of Morro Bay. the sandpit in the foreground encloses the bay, home to hundreds of species of birds and marine life"

thanks to Judy for choosing such a nice card for me....


Chuck The Photographer said...

Nice shot of our lovely rock. Morro Bay is indeed a wonderful place to visit (and to live!) If you come for the fish and chips, get them at Giovanni's on The Embarcadero, get your wine there as well, then enjoy the sand, the shorebirds, the ocean and beautiful Morro Rock.

Judy said...

Hey Chuck, you are right on! Giovanni's has the best Halibut and Chips around. I think this is a good weekend for a visit!

Thanks Ana! You have a great website! See you again soon!