Thursday, February 12, 2009


I got this card thanks to really feels nice when people know the kind of cards you like and they pay attention to it and try to send you something according to your wishlist...but i also like it when i know how to pay back ;-))))))

I think ive already talked of Slovakia more than once, which now leaves me thinking what should i rant about this time...except that i love this card coz it has a Slovakian map on it...

Have i told you that yesterday i had a real crisis about mail? After being deprived from it for almost a week, yesterday i just had to get my dosage of it, but the postman just wasnt and wasnt coming....i think im definitely addicted, which aint good...eventually when i opened the mailbox it was full and i just had this 'ahhhhhhh' relief expression on my face....the day before that i stalked the postman...i saw him while going home and instead of stopping him, i rushed home...and i was waiting at the kitchen window for him to pass by coz i was convinced he has something for me...boy, was i wrong!  No mail today again...but thanks  to yesterday its still keeps me helpless :|

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