Monday, February 9, 2009

Salvador, Brazil

The beginning of this week is just sooo different than how last week ended...until yesterday the weather was just nice and sunny and warm....well, we had some sun today, but it was cold and windy...and they say it may snow again during this week...its so changeable that i really cant keep track of it anymore...and i have to say, i really miss the spring...i used to love the cold weather, but the cold weather here has become somewhat annoying...if i just have to put them on scale, the winter and the summer in Macedonia, i really dont know which one will prevail....both are A-W-F-U-L!

And this card just brings that nice summer atmosphere, to warm up my bones :)
What i especially love about this card, are the colours...they feel so illuminated and make such a beautiful atmosphere! And it definitely feels if you take a good look you will actually notice a lighthouse in the background...its exactly between two of the palm trees....
on the back of the card it says: Coqueiral do Cristo com o Farol da Barra ao fundo.....whatever that means...
In general, i can figure out the Portuguese on the back of the cards....on this one im all 'duh?'
Still...I love this postcard! :)

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Martinha said...

Hi Ana.
Here am i, your portuguese translator ;)
Coqueiral do Cristo is the name of that specific place in the city, in this case a coconut palm tree plantation. Farol da Barra ao fundo = Barra lighthouse in the background.

Great card.