Monday, February 9, 2009

Holy Meteora, Greece

I was convinced that i had bought this card myself, but just as I started making this post i figured that my mum and dad had brought it to me when they went to Greece ones...well, i was at the Meteora so hence the confusion...

I visited Meteora only once...the time i went in Athens for New Years...I just cant recall if it was 1998 or 1999...i have it written somewhere...maybe even at an earlier post here...but right now my memory is not really on my side :)
I must say that this is one of the places in Greece which are a *must*! We visited the place in January, and i recall the weather was somewhat gloomy, and it had rained before that as well...but in general it wasnt really cold....i would manage with a denim jacket during the day...which for January isnt something you can afford in Macedonia for example :)
Anyway, i recall that the road up to the monasteries apart from being very steep, is also narrow, and waaaay tooo it was rather scary while the bus was going up, coz all the time i had this feeling it was gonna lean on one side and fall into the abyss...and i could see the abyss from the was right under me...i could see no road, no asphalt....just a deep deep abyys....on a road like that, it definitely didnt feel pleasant....but as you can see, im typing this, which means, ive lived :)
I cant recall exactly which monastery or monasteries we visited...but i know they had this rule, that you HAD to wear a skirt in order to come in...thats somewhat funny coz it goes opposite to all those 'skirts' forbidden rules which im used to in churches...thing here was, i was wearing jeans, and being not a skirt-fan, i had none in my bag of course...but the people there at the monasteries had a bunch for cases like i had to put a long bluish canvass skirt over my jeans...i looked ridiculous....i have a picture of it, but i dont think i will post THAT here...i have this absolutely silly expression on my face so i rather keep it private :)
As i was walking along one of the monasteries, being all curious as i can sometimes get, i was trying to lurk into the rooms which were along, and i peeked into this one, from where i actually have the photograph below...i dont know what the room actually contained, and im pretty sure it wasnt allowed to take pictures...all the rooms were locked, so what i did was, i put the lens of the camera at the something which looked like a window and pressed the button...and took the picture...i think that the room contained skulls of some monks who had lived there....hmmm well...thats a big number of monks...why would someone keep the skulls i really dont know...feels creepy...though it feels creepy that someone like me took a picture of it...but i just couldnt have resisted....i knew that if i dont do it, i would regret it here it is...

i just hope you WILL come by this blog again...i just had to share this with you when i was already posting a Meteora not THAT insane...just a order to manage to get by in this crazy little world :)
Im pretty sure other people have taken pictures of this :)

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Anastasia said...

oh, that's a really special place! One of my strongest impression of Greece was visiting Meteora. I wish i could visit it again and spend a couple of days there. We visited just one monastery (i can't remember which one) and i didn't see this room. probably it was in another monastery :) It looks really scary!