Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leuven, Belgium

You know, i actually need to be getting ready for work instead of making this update...but i promise, after im done with this one, im out thru the door :)

This is the St. Peter's Church in Leuven...the biggest but not oldest church in the town. It is situated on the city's main market square across from the Ornate Town Hall. Built mostly in the 15th century in Brabantine Gothic Style the church is in the form of a cross with a low bell tower that has never been completed.

hmm, ok...i have to get going...i know i know todays update may have been scarce and lousy in words....but i hope you liked the cards at least :) And maybe if i manage my time wisely, ill see you tomorrow again....if not, ill see you on Saturday...i cant miss that one...i have specific things to post...shouldnt be hard to guess what if we take in account what date is it on Saturday....but i do have things to tell :)


dager said...

Hi Ana,
Really nice to see this church here... Leuven is my favourite place for shopping and I have seen this church many times... The St.Peter's church is also a UNESCO site, its on the list of Belfries of Belgium and France!

Ana said...

for some reason, one thing i often forget to mention or label is the UNESCO...thanks for pointing it out on this one :)