Monday, February 2, 2009


Here comes Lithuania....a multiview with several of its cities.

So far I only have Vilnius on the Lithuanian postcards. Ive been wanting to get a postcard from know, that lovely, breathtaking aerial view....if anyone has it, please let me know :)
This what the sender has written on the card...a really nice summary i have to say :)

Trakai is a small city about 25km far from Vilnius. There is the best place to taste national Lithuanian food.
Klaipeda is a port. A lot of Lithuania's pop music "stars" live in this city. And pop music in Lithuania is pretty bad. is a piece of paradise.

Anyway, i have a small favour to ask here. I got this and another Lithuanian card from Laima, sent from England. Laima, if you read this, can you please leave a message or contact me, coz i cant find your address and ive been wanting to send you cards ever since i received your envelope...if you read this, or if anyone else who reads this happens to know Laima, please help me :)

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