Friday, February 13, 2009


This is my actually first ever postcard from Singapore...but...there is always a but...its not addressed to me, but it was sent to my aunt by her travelling thats why i more consider as my first Singaporean postcard, the first one addressed to me... i had already posted this one in the oldish posts, but since it was just image, i pulled it out and it comes in handy to post it now...and make a variety among the cards.

My aunts friend (who is called Savica btw....i think i should call her by her name, instead of 'my aunts friend' coz first of all, its shorter, second it feels better...
Anyway....Savica says that Singapore, the city of lions is beautiful and that its very clean and there are lots of people and crowds on the streets, as well as that its very hot...well from what I know according to Relie, it IS very hot indeed...i wonder what Relie would do if she came to stay in Macedonia....its 0 degrees at the time of writing this.
She also says that people are very kind and ear and that there is a lot to be seen and to be bought...she calls Singapore, the shopping paradise. Well....too bad im not into shopping, otherwise i would have booked my ticket and head to Singapore straightway...well, at least i would visit Relie :)

Ok, i think im gonna have a nap...i feel really tired in general...i need to recharge myself for a bit...wishing you a great upcoming weekend everyone!

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