Monday, February 2, 2009

Minsk, Belarus

The last card for today represents Belarus.
Well, i think that its maybe good that right now i dont have postcards from more former USSR countries and that 6 is more than enough for one update...

This card shows a Belarusbank building at the Dzerzhinskogo Avenue in Minsk...hehe, Minsk...remember my previous (well, and only one) Minsk postcard? That Minsk relation always makes me laugh :)

Anyway, i was wondering, did you notice the moon on the postcard? It feels so surreal somehow, but so beautiful! As if it's just come out from the sky....awkward but interesting.

before i close this, ill share a silly fact with you...back in time, when the Soviet Union fell apart, i thought that Russia was the whole Soviet Union and that eventually, it fell apart into pieces and to each piece of land they had to give a new name, so thats how all these new countries were born...well, dont take it for granted, i was like 11 or 12 back then ;-)

Well, thats all for today...hope you liked the cards...and hope you have a nice week ahead...and hope to see you soon... i have a number of things to do and backlogs to finish, but ill try not to make such big gaps in-between posts

'till next time...

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