Monday, February 2, 2009

Thernopil, Ukraine

Next on the list comes Ukraine...and of course, the thank you here goes to whom else if not Ksenia :)

Ksenia says that there arent really Thernopil postcards, but that they mainly sell ones from Kyiv and L'viv.
What you can see on the card is the Thernopil Regional Academic Musical Dramatic Theatre named after T. Shevchenko, built in 1957.
Thernopil is quite an old city, founded in 1540, but it was completely destroyed during the World War II.

Well, unfortunately, i couldnt really find much information about it, so if anyone else can pop in and contribute with something, you know that as always you are more than welcome to do so :)
Thank you in advance!


Оксана said...

Actually, the city's name is Ternopil :) I'm sure you'll find more information about it using this same. I'm sorry if I wrote it with mistake before :)

Ana said...

actually, you had written it right...i am the one who had copied the English version from the back of the card, with the "h" embedded :)