Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pisco Elqui, Chile

Hello everyone....after some usual....
Funny how there always has to be something happening which in one way or another will put me off from updating...first, last Saturday my PC died...and when i say, died, i literally mean it...i tried to fix it, but no was some system-file problem and i felt helpless...I just felt sooo down...first, im not used to being without my PC...i can say that im somewhat addicted to it...second ALL my stuff for work were there....all my other stuff were there...ever since my Burner went kaputt ive been barely transfering files, except to my USB every now and i just felt totally helpless and worried....until the next day sometime in the evening i wanted to give it another try...and guess what?? MY PC got resurrected!!!! I was staring at the screen while Windows was starting itself...and i couldnt have believed it!! My PC was saved!!! Magically, but saved!!
And of course, that was fixed but eventually i got ill the following day, to the extent that i just didnt feel capable to sit, think or do anything without shivering from cold all over (yet i had a very high temperature)
Im still throat hurts, i have a runny nose, my head hurts and i just feel overall weakness, but thank God its Friday tomorrow and i dont need to go to i can just take my time....and hopefully get a good use out of the not going out due to my condition, so i hope to clean some backlog of stuff...and i hope they will broadcast the Nadal-Verdasco match in the morning (even though originally its played in the evening, but this is what time-zones do)...
And lets get down to the update :)

Here is a card from Chile....showing Pisco Elqui...the back of the card says "The Our Lady of the Rosary Church, some local village streets and an old valley distillery.
Noelle, the sender, says that she had been to the Elqui Valley, and that she stayed in this village. She says that its a beautiful and relaxing place.
Well, i cant tell much from the card if it seems relaxing to me, but it wouldnt surprise me.
This was the area where pisco was distilled in the early history of Chile. The original name of the town was La Greda. It was later changed to La Union. In 1936, the Law Decree 5,798 changed its name to Pisco Elqui, to reinforce Chile's claim to have rights over the alcoholic drink pisco.

Anyone ever tried a pisco? Can you share your thoughts about it?

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