Thursday, January 29, 2009

South Carolina, USA

Lately I got somewhat into getting officials....for some time i had put it o n stand-by coz first i couldnt manage along with the swaps...and i got some expired cards in a row and that somewhat put me off....but then one day i started receiving cards...and again my ratio was more received than sent...and i just had this itch to see where my cards were gonna go to...i planned to take like 3 addresses only, but guess what did i get...of course, US, DE and FI...i dont mind getting them, but now since those 3 were drawn out, i was really curios to see what will i get next...and I got France...and after a few hours, i couldnt sit still, so i pulled out another one, and got China (this one worries me since my previous to China is expired and this one is still travelling) and the last one was Italy! This is when i recalled what was the charm of sending never know what you'll pick, and that brings the excitement...just as you never know what you're gonna once i get one or two officals back, ill again make a full pull out from the sea of addresses :) All the ones i sent got registered, except the Chinese i hope ill get something in return soon...


What i like about this, is the kind of card the sender chose to send me. Now i dont know if this was a lucky chance, or she had read thru my profile, and morever looked at my blog, and eventually sent me this...but first, you know how much i love map-cards...second, i already have one from South Carolina...but this one is i was really wondering if she had checked what i already have or no....either way, im delighted and really thankful.

the card has the Fun Facts thing...ive already written some about South Carolina, but here ill go again...these are not EXACTLY the same :)

Capital:  Columbia
Area:  30,207 square miles
Statehood:  May 23, 1788 (8th state admitted)
Mottos:  Animis opibusque parati (Prepared in mind and resources)  and Dum spiro spero (While I breath, i hope)
Song:  "South Carolina on My Mind"
State Bird:  Carolina Wren
State Tree:  Palmetto
State Flower: Yellow Jessamine

wasnt there a song "Georgia on My Mind" as well? does it have anything to do with being a song of the state as this one above? am i just ranting maybe?

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Gabby Girl said...

I have never heard of "South Carolina on My Mind" before. But, I don't know everything, so perhaps it does exist. I saw the SC card, and I was like, I don't remember sending that one. Heh. And then I read what you wrote. I just got back into Postcrossing. I sent 8 on Monday. And last night I finally scanned in all of my cards. I was thinking about posting more on my blog again. Maybe this weekend.