Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dubai, UAE

I wonder why the cards from my aunt's friend simply lack the i cant figure it out when she had been to a certain place, neither i can write it down when i had been given the card, so it places itself into the right category

According to the postcards, she had been to Dubai, twice so far...ive already posted the revious card, and this is the second one.
Well, more or less, to me they basically look the same, with the same sites showing, and the absolutely same tone of the colours, but still, its a different card, so its just great to have it in my collection...personally ive never received a card from UAE addressed to me personally...would be nice to change that
And i hope soon i will get to receive a few new countries...if all goes well, two should be on their way already...its just a question of time when they arrive...
its just a question of tiiiiimmeee...and its running after wont be long until you do, exactly what they want you to... :))
sorry, couldnt help it...i know those lines have nothing to do with the postcard, but it simply came spontaneously to me...who is familiar with the lines, knows what im talking about and where they are coming from....:)

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