Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barcelona, Spain (04)

One of the many cards I had bought during my stay in Spain...and I think this has got to be the thing which definitely left me the greatest impression...the famous fountains in Barcelona..

Talking about them is pointless, coz you just HAVE to see them and experience the atmosphere...thats impossible to be done by talking about them, no matter how hard I try to convey the actual atmosphere...
Unfortunately I couldnt find any professional video about this attraction...just videos taken by tourists and you get to hear more their talking and the background noise, instead what you are actually supposed to hear....but are some, so try to enjoy them :)

I love the way the music, the colours and the dancing of the water is synchronized and composed in the first place.
Ive read about other such fountains throughout the world...would love to get the chance to see them all...and if you happen to be in Barcelona, then you just MUSTN'T miss to see them!!

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