Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is how my Kimi looks at me sometimes, when he wants to say, 'you are soooo annoying'! When i give it a better thought, he often looks at me like this...he is kinda very spoilt...but right now he is on my lap...he jumped by himself...i love it when he comes to me by himself and falls asleep...just that its a bit tough to type like this...but i just dont have the heart to ask him out...i think eventually he will himself get fed up of my arms over his head as I type :)

here is one of my favourite commercials has a kitty as meows as Kimi....and the whole concept is just really cool...esp. the kitty - tiger relation...of course, credits for the little girl as well :)
I just wonder, if I give some Nesquick to Kimi...if he's gonna end up as the tiger....hihihihihihihiii :D :D :D

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Gabby Girl said...

I miss my kitty. I want another one but Phil is allergic. :(