Monday, July 7, 2008

Portorož, Slovenia

Today, ill take you to 6 different continents....not just 6 different countries, but different continents as well :) So fasten your seat-belts and we'll take off :)

Starting with, well, Europe, of course...and a nice card showing the town of Portorož in Slovenia...I love cards dominated by the blue colour :P

Portorož is a coastal town in Slovenia and also the most popular tourist destination.
It is located in the South-West of the Gulf of Trieste (to the extreme North of the Adriatic Sea) between the boundaries of Italy to the north and Croatia to the South. It is inhabitted by 3000 people.

Havent been there, though i would like too....

and in case you are not familiar with the "ž" letter...well, its pronounced just as...hmmm...the first sound when you say "Je t'aime" ;-)

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So far I've sent out eight postcards through postcrossing, and I received my first one in the mail on Friday--from Finland! I'm very excited to get more.