Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Hampshire, USA

The other one comes from the US...and is, hmmm...my 3rd US map card so far i think.....with another one on stand by and another one travelling... :)

This card triggered a LOT of issues and questions in me....but to that later, first some facts...

New Hampshire is called The Granite State, in reference to its geology and its tradition of self-sufficiency.
The State's motto is: Live Free or Die! uhmmm a quite radical motto they have...im not sure what to pick :)

Now, the first thing that dragged my attention is the high number of animals pictured...out of 10 pictures, 8 are reserved for animals...
well, the best answer i could come up with is that, NH is more than 80% forested, which can provide some good animal habitats...well, if you look at the map, you'll notice that its wildlife animals, not domestic ones which could just live on any farm or backyard...

then, as i was inspecting the animals, my attention remained on one of the cities: Berlin...which is in Germany...but turns out NH has a Berlin of its own.....its funny to see different cities in the world, named the same....and it wouldnt have been that interesting if it remained at Berlin only....but then i see: Manchester, Dover, Portsmouth, Plymouth...and i feel in utter confusion, coz this looks more like England than US....turns out that NH is a state in the New England region named after the southern English county of Hampshire....so that makes it pretty clear....i was also confused by Plymouth, since as far as I knew, apart from England, that one was in Massachusetts...you know, the Mayflower thing and all....turns out, NH have a town named Plymouth as well...and let me not tell you how MANY other US states have their own Plymouth....hell, what they wouldnt do just to confuse you :)

What a thought provoking and educational card....Brilliant! Thank You Mary Ann for warming up my brain cells with your choice of a card!

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