Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ok, i so much bragged i had received map cards, just now i realized i hadnt shown any of them...and since it was pretty hard to pick, i went eeny-meeny-miny-moe (in a Macedonian version, and that goes: eci-peci-pec :)))))

and here are the lucky winners:

This my VERY FIRST card from the Philippines as well....its quite a long story of my history with the Philippines cards, wouldnt go into that right now, but im glad that after 2 months waiting, i can finally say i have my first card from the Philippines...and this one traveled surprisingly fast - 10 days!!!!

I love how picturesque and colourful and vibrant this map is....it shows all those numerous islands that the Philippines consist of....i get a bit lost when i try to read them all, since there are too many...but i love it how on many places of the map, there are drawings which show something particular related to that place of the country....

I love this card....and thanks to Deb who actually managed to put up with my picky taste and found a map card for me...even though i didnt strictly requested it, she did...thanks! :)


Pinaypostcrosser said...

Yep, there are so many islands that make up the Philippines. There are actually 7,107 islands. Unfortunately, all of them can't be put into this mapcard, only the major ones. Every year, I see to it that I have one major vacation visiting up to 4 islands. I have a map in my room where I mark the islands I have been to :)

trishadeb said...

That's the card I sent :)I fell in love with the card too, when I first saw it. Bought 10 of them actually :)
Happy postcrossing!