Monday, July 7, 2008

King George Island, Antarctica

And the last destination for today, would be King George's Island, at the Antarctic.....i somewhat find it amazing to have a postcard showing the Antarctic!

The island was discovered and named by the British explorer William Smith in 1819. It is approximately 95 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide with a land area of 1150 square kilometres. Over 90% of the island's surface is permanently glaciated.
Human habitation of King George Island is limited to research stations belonging to different countries. Most of these stations are permanently manned, carrying out research into areas as diverse as biology, palaeontology, geology, biology etc.
In 2004, a Russian orthodox church was opened on the island near Russia's Bellingshausen Station. The church, one of the southernmost in the world and one of the few permanent structures in Antarctica, is permanently manned by a priest.

hmm, fascinated by the people who live cut-off from the rest of the world...i dont know if i could do so...would DEFINITELY like to visit it, but live there, a-a....i do prefer cold to hot weather, and i could use some cold weather a lot right now...but im not gonna go THAT radical :)

well, hope you liked the diversity of the today's trip ;-)

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elton1956 said...

I´d like to get postcards from Antarctica, but I don´t know what can I find them...