Friday, June 20, 2008

Sorocaba, Brazil

My second Brazilian card (im expecting another one soon :) showing an aerial view of the city of Sorocaba.

Sorocaba is a city in southern Brazil in the southeastern portion of São Paulo state. (let me say that those particular letters of the Spanish/Portuguese or German alphabet, i copy-paste the names of the places, since its easier than to struggle of where the hell is that particular letter on my keyboard....i can only with my closed eyes type the 'ñ' one....the rest, a-a).

Was speaking of Sorocaba actually....if you have a chance to visit it, here is some useful tourist info.

Visitors can count on several options for leisure, culture and business while in the city. There are many options for accommodations varying from inexpensive to high-class hotels and lodgings, including International hotel chains like Transamerica Flat, Ibis Hotel, Alpha Inn and others. For the foreigner, there are currency exchange houses and a Convention & Visitors Bureau. Two International Convention Centers are available. Sorocaba's two main newspapers are the Cruzeiro do Sul and the Diário de Sorocaba.

Sorocaba is served by an extensive infrastructure of public transportation composed of bus fleets and terminals, comprising a system that reaches practically every point of the city.

There are many parks open to the public, such as historical churches, walking and racing courses, historical monuments, museums, mausoleums and memorials, various spas and stud farms. The municipal Zoo is one of the biggest in South America. (the biggest Zoo i had visited is the one in Budapest).
The nightlife in the city offers many options, ranging from theaters to bars and restaurants with cuisines from around the world.

There you go...I have a feeling that this is not my day for uploading postcards :)

Btw, one odd thing regarding Sorocaba and has an 8-digit postal words it may seem normal...but when you see it or write it down it does feel awkward and not as other postal codes you've seen/written before....esp since all the eight digits are written together and not hyphened somewhere between...well, just found it odd, thats all :)


judamore said...

Hi Ana, all the postal code of Brazil has 8 digits, to facilitate the delivery. Practically, you only need the code, the number of the house and the street. Has cases where the number of the house is only enough. :)

pauloste39 said...

Sorocaba, gosto muito!

pauloste39 said...

Sorocaba, gosto muito!