Saturday, June 21, 2008

Puerto Rico

"Aie aie aie aie aie aie Puerto Rico, Aie aie aie aie aie aie Puerto Rico......."

My FIRST Puerto Rican card!!! Lovely!!

Just that for years i was falsely mislead that Puerto Rico is a city...i blame it on Vaya con Dios and that 'aie aie aie Puerto Rico' song...for some reason, the song had created the wrong image of Puerto Rico being some nice summer touristic resort by the sea/ocean....and whenever i had heard the song i had this vision of a nice hotel, with a nice garden where there are white tables, and very discreet subtle lights....people smartly dressed drinking wine, relaxed and enjoying themselves, while there is band playing some nice live songs and they play exactly this one, about Puerto Rico and some love-story going on there....
Can you imagine my shock when i found out that its actually a COUNTRY?? I mean, the name does sound like a city name to me, due to the '-o' endings, especially since it consists of two words....but there you apologies to all the Puerto Ricans :) that was not on purpose...i was just a kid when i first heard the song......oh, another "surprise" was when one day i also realized that Vaya con Dios is a band....i was convinced it was a female singer....

lesson learnt: unless you are 100% certain on something, and have actual facts, google for some may be surprised of what google may give you back :)

Shortly about Puerto Rico.....its a semi-autonoumus territory of the USA (yeah, this was as well, surprising to learn ) located in the northeastern Carribean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of the Virgin Islands. The territory is composed of an archipelago, that includes the main island of Puerto Rico and a number of smaller islands and keys. The main island of Puerto Rico is the smallest by land area but third largest by population among the four Greater Antilles.
The island is also popularly known as "La Isla del Encanto", which translated means "The Island of Enchantment."
Capital and largest city: San Juan

"He says he'll be leaving you soon still you beg him to stay ......"

just a line from "Puerto Rico" life


The Writer said...

San Juan was one of our ports. They's be old locals playing full size dominoes or something like that if I remember rightly. Long time since I've been there. Have you visited any or all of these places?

His Decemberist said...

My postcard! :)

I'll send you a map card next to add to your collection :)

Ana said...

ooohhhh, THANK YOU!!!! Thats so kind! :) Now THAT will be some anticipation for that card :)

let me know if there is anything in particular youd like me to send you...unfortunately, we have no map cards here :(