Friday, June 20, 2008

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Another aerial view for today, this time of Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana.

Well, i can 'brag' that i have at least one card from each capital of the former Yugoslav republics, but unfortunately, i cant say the same about visiting those places, which is a pity.
I know, several years ago, when i went on my European trip, we had to pass through still haunted by the image of beautiful small colourful houses in lovely green surroundings...I might have been to Slovenia when i was little (very little) but i cant recall anything of that, so if you cant remember, it doesnt count :)
But i would love to go there and visit it....i just cant believe i need a visa for there as well :/

Probably you dont know this, but its an interesting fact. When the catastrophic earthquake happened in Skopje, in 1963, the town was simply destroyed and hundreds of people were left homeless and had to flea somewhere else, before the city was rebuilt. As it usually happens, aid arrived from all over the globe and certain countries helped in rebuilding certain areas and due to that, they named the streets in that area regarding something significant for that country. Well, the area where i live was helped by Slovenia (even though it wasnt an independent country back then, still it was a republic of its own) so the streets here are related to Slovenia in one way or another...mine as well :)
Well, now that i thought of it...there is an area here, where the streets are named by some of the European not sure who helped there....i think i should ask around...never thought of it before but now i got curious.

Anyway, sorry i didnt talk of the card...but sometimes i just go astray :)
There are some cards from Lubljana in the older posts (though those ones havent been updated yet, hopefully soon i will) so you can take a read a bit about Ljubljana there...soon.

Btw, im interested how foreigners would pronounce the name of can get tricky, i know (even trickier if you have to read it in the cyrillic alphabet: Љубљана :)))))


Gabby Girl said...

Just to let you know, the postcard you sent me arrived yesterday. Thank you very much. It was a lovely card. I sent yours out this past Saturday, so hopefully you'll get it soon. Thanks again, I really enjoyed it.

Anna said...

Hi Ana! I got to your blog thru Pinay Postcrosser's site. Would you be interested in swapping with me? I can send you postcards from San Francisco. Email at Take Care!

Martinha said...

I've been to Ljubljana for a couple of hours on the night of January 1st, 2007. I couldn't visit a lot because it was night, it was an holiday but i really liked the city. They still had the Christmas decorations, so all the place looked just wonderful with all those lights. I really want to visit the city again but with time.

In portuguese we replace the j's for i's, so Ljubljana = Liubliana.

Have a nice weekend.

Ana said...

to Gabby: hehhh, relieffff!! always is when a card arrives....+ as a bonus, you liked it ;-)

to Anna: mmmmm, only have one from San Francisco, from the time before i was born, and one showing Alcatraz so, i wouldnt mind to have some nice view of S.F. more up to date...or a map card of California??!

to Marta: been twisting my tongue, trying to pronounce it like Liubliana :))) I just end up laughing to myself at how i do it :) feels odd that way :)