Saturday, June 21, 2008


Ok, ive been having quite some trouble with this one.....i pardon for my ignorance, but i still cant figure out what this card EXACTLY represents....hence I labeled it with Taiwan only

Lets somewhat reminds me of those underground railway maps, by its concept.
Now, on the front, the card says Kaohsiung, Taiwan...below it says "Chi Chin Working" ?!!!
The sender of the card says she couldnt have big size postcard of Kaohsiung city, so she sends the Chi Ching bigger postcard...that Chi Chin is near Kaohsiung, and if she wants to go to Chi Chin she must pass some tunnel or ferry boat...she mentions some sea food and sea activity....
Frankly, im lost....
The card shows some pictures named as eg. Tienhou Temple, Seafood street, Harbor Ship....Three-wheel (?), Chihou Lighthouse, Beach Resort, Roast Squid, from what I think, this might be like a map and the pictures show certain places of where they are located...but im not sure...and im still confused what "Chi Chin" is...and what that 'working' added means?....i came across something while googling which makes me think that Chi Chin might be some district in Kaohsiung, but then im confused coz the sender says she has to travel from Kaohsiung to Chi Chin, so it makes them two different places....uhhhhhhh, i need Taiwanese help here........sorry, but i really cant figure this out :((((


icitaiwan said...

I'll try to figure it out for you and will ask my husband for help when he's back from the States.
Otherwise you might ask shui for help. She's also active on the forum :)

Ana said...

Thank You!!!
Any opinion and input is welcome :)

Anonymous said...

Also remembers me? I am send this postcard to give you. Sorry, I let
you be confused. I thought, I'll explain Chi Chin to you understand.

Is Sender!!

Jessy said...

hi, i'm Bei-Yi from Taiwan. i entered your blog because you're highlighted on Postcrossing. :)
you can click the link to see where Chi Chin is.,_Kaohsiung
Chi Chin is a district of Kaohsiung, but there's water around it, so people take ships to get there. Chi Chin is also a tourist attraction, and i got to go there during my graduation trip this March. :)
Chi Chin is famous for Karasumi. my parents really love it!