Sunday, June 29, 2008

Faroe Islands

One of the newest countries in my collection: Faroe(r) Islands!!!!

Island group (17 out of 22 inhabited) in the North Atlantic, between the Shetland Islands and Iceland, forming an outlying part of Denmark. The largest islands are Strømø, Østerø, Vagø, Suderø, Sandø, and Bordø; the islands are high and rugged and have only sparse vegetation. The capital is Thorshavn on Strømø. The main industries are fishing, fish processing, shipbuilding, and crafted goods. Spoken languages: Faeroese and Danish.

The earliest known inhabitants were Celtic. The islands were first settled by Norse peoples in the 8th century, became part of the kingdom of Norway, and were Christianized in the 11th century. With Norway, the Faroes passed under Danish rule in 1380, and remained Danish after the Treaty of Kiel (1814) transferred Norway from the Danish to the Swedish crown. During the 19th century, a nationalist movement led to the revival of Faeroese, and there is an extensive native literature. The Faeroese obtained home rule from Denmark in 1948. They withdrew from the European Free Trade Association in 1972.

They did not join the European Community (EC) with Denmark in 1972 because it would have opened their fishing waters to other EC members.

Apart from loving to receive cards from countries that are missing on my list, especially rare countries...I also love to receive these coz they make me google up a bit on them and get to learn something new. Thats one of the things i so much got to love about all this postcard thing...daily I get to learn something new...about a city i havent heard before, about some interesting tradition, about different mentalities and cultures, legends and country-name origins....even some trivial facts which can get to be really interesting and amusing and enrich your knowledge...


Kurtz said...

Very beautifull country! Perhaps some day i send you a photo from a unknown place in spain.

edson_dias said...

These are amazing pictures. great work

Tracey_iPost said...

Hi Ana! I received your postcard today and wanted to say thanks! I love it. Now I can add another country to my collection :0) Stop in and see me over at iPost soon!