Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bled, Slovenia

mmmmmmmmmmm.....views like this always feel breathtaking....I simply love this kind of nature portrayal....thanks to Stasha in Slovenia for making such a great choice and for swapping with me!

Bled is famous for the glacial lake Bled, situated in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia where it adjoins the town of Bled. The lake is 2,120 m long and 1,380 m wide, with a maximum depth of 30.6 metres. The lake is situated in a picturesque environment, surrounded by mountains and forests. A medieval castle stands above the lake on the north shore. The lake surrounds Bled Island the only natural island in Slovenia. The island has several buildings, the main one being the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary. Visitors frequently ring its bell for good luck. The island has 99 steps. A local tradition at weddings is for the husband to carry his new bride up these steps, during which the bride must remain silent.
(now that requires strength....99 steps carrying someone....unless she is from a 'feather-category)

The Bled Castle is built on top of a 130 meter cliff overlooking lake Bled. It was first mentioned in 1004 which makes it one of the oldest in Slovenia. The oldest part of the castle is the Romanesque tower. Today, Bled castle is arranged as an exhibition area. The display rooms present the ancient history of Bled from the first excavations and the castle in individual stages of its historical development.

mmmm, somewhat off-topic...but the name of Julian Alps, always invokes the thought of a delicious milky-creamy-chocolate. Like one of those Milka commercials which show the cow in some of those beautiful mountains and then a huge bowl with chocolate stirred inside it.....mmmmm....chocolate.....if only a Milka Caramel chocolate could manifest right now....or one of those with amaretto liquor....or with yoghurt...or anything creamy.....a Ritter Sport with Marzipan.....or a Snickers Bar....huhhhhh.....i definitely need chocolate


marsupial said...

Great blog--I'm keeping a postcard blog as well (http://canceledstamps.blogspot.com), though I'm only documenting those that my dad sent me, and blogging about our relationship. Looking forward to seeing what other postcards you include!

Lakali said...

Hi Ana!

I'm Raquel (Kel in postcrossing).
You have a great blog with beautiful cards!
One of my favourite cards is Bled's Lake. I have one full of snow and it looks like a place from a fairytale!