Tuesday, June 10, 2008

São José dos Ausentes, Brazil

My first Brazilian card!!!! Starting to conquer South America!! Yeeeeeyyyy!!! Btw, this is a swap.

The card here shows the Rodrigues waterfalls flowing from the Silveira river, which is about 33km from the São José dos Ausentes town, located in the northern area of the state Rio Grande do Sul, which is situated in the northern part of Brazil.

hmmm, unbelievable how impossible it was to find info on this one...unless its written in Portuguese which unfortunately, i dont understand....:(((
Well, at least you can enjoy the picture :)

(added 19th June)
here is a youtube link kindly provided by the sender of the card....its in Portuguese, so i know most of you wont be able to understand, but you can enjoy the sceneries :)
one thing that has been odd to me about Portuguese is the way it sounds...similar to Spanish, but the way they speak is so different, as if its totally not one bit close to it....Spanish feels soft, Portuguese completely otherwise :)

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