Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yangzhong, China

This one of the eight cards I received today, as a result of a private swap. One thing that amazed me is that it took only ten days to arrive from China.....I didnt expect this one for at least another ten days :) But miracles happen!

Above the picture, it says: "The surging Yangtse River, which rushes forward with great strength, has bred up Yangzhong City, a beautiful & fertile green island. Yangzhong, with plain terrain, beautiful scenery and green shady trees, is a shining peal in the golden waterway of the Yangtse River".

Yangzhong is the second biggest island in the Yangtze River and it is known locally as Yangzhong Island and is located in the middle south of Jiangsu Province and in the cradle of Yantze River. Its area is about 332 square kilometres. The island was formed about 300 years ago during a major flood event. It is flat (with exception of a man-made hill which is about 6 metre high) and has an elevation two to three metres above the water level in Yangtze River. It has a population of about 280,000 people. Bridge, ferry and expressway such as Yangzhong Yangtze River bridge, Yangzhong-Gaogang ferry, Shipping-port ferry and Shanghai-Nanjing expressway and Beijing-Shanghai expressway get Yangzhong into touch with the outside World.

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