Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guarda, Portugal

This one's a private swap with Marta, who kindly wanted to help me with my scarce collection on Portugal cards :)

The card shows the Old Square with the cathedral in Guarda, which is 40km from Spain. Its name is an indication of its ‘guarding’ role. It served its purpose well under the Duke of Wellington against the French in the Peninsular War of the 1800s. The highest town in Portugal, at over 1000 metres above sea level, its defending walls were put in place by the 12th century King Sancho I (the statue on the picture) and much still remains to be seen today, including three original portals. Its location has also earned it the reputation of being one of the coldest towns in the country, its most famous son, the poet Augusto Gil, famously describing the arrival of snow in his poem 'Luar de Janeiro'.


Martinha said...

yay, you got it :P I hope you like it!!
Is really great to see my card on your blog :)
That square is a little bit different nowadays, the stuate is on the left side of the cathedral and there's no grass now. I liked it better in the old days!

:D Hugs

Ana said...

yyeeeesss, it arrived, and I LOVE it!! And I love that small sun at the bottom between the "U" and "G"...looks really cool and hmmm, happy :))

(hope i got that right :)))