Thursday, May 22, 2008


A bit ago i went to check my mailbox (i think it was like the 10th time today:D)
I lift up the lid to see if there is ANYTHING inside there except some strayed my great surprise, I see a card!!! Finally, after a drought, there is something in my mailbox!!!
So i put my hand inside to see if i can take it out (i often take stuff out like that :)) and as im about to lift it, i see that there is another card!!! I try to grasp that one also...and there is another card!!!
So i realize that this is the time when i should open the mailbox in a regular normal way with a key.
So I open it....take things out...and start counting....and to my disbelief, there arent three, nor four nor five....but EIGHT postcards!! I couldnt believe it to myself, EIGHT postcards!!!!
Its been such a long long long time since i had so much mail received!! Years ago, when i had many penpals around the globe, i would get a pile of mail also, which back then mainly consisted of letters, but it was such a lovely feeling to have so much mail inside!! And now after all these years, my mailbox got full again!! Wooohhooo....i still cant believe it!!!! Maybe all my complaining about how i dont get any cards, had to do something with this, so i finally shut up :P
Ill definitely upload them all later, this is not an everyday treat:))
And who knows, maybe one of yours is among not telling you now :))))))))))))))


Thank you Mr.Postman and all of you who put this great big smile on my face today! :)

And DEFINTIELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY e-mail will NEVER EVER come even close to snail-mail....all thumbs up for snail mail and postcards!!!

Yay!!! I still cant believe it! Eight postcards :)))))


Gabby Girl said...

8 cards sure is a lot. Glad they made you smile.

I should be getting some more cards in the next few days. Maybe they will all come at the same time like yours did.

Ana said...

ohhh, i wish you that they come on the same day :))
it IS a feeling indeed, one of a kind ;-)

pinaypostcrosser said...

there you go! congratulations on that 8 cards! imagine what i have felt when i got 22 cards in a day!!!! i was like floating on clouds lol.

i see that you have updated your blog with so many postcards. i am happy you are finally able to do what you have always wanted :)

the lighthouse below looks so awesome. how i wish a postcrosser from Germany would send me one like that :)

by the way, my yahoo address seems not working too well. so i have reactivated my gmail addy (stilldotwaters[AT]

P.S. did my card arrived already? i hope it's one of the 8 cards you got :)

Ana said...

22 postcards??? on the same day??!!
aahhhhhhhh, i cant imagine what a shock to my system that would be...i was in utter disbelief with "only" 8!!!!
hahaha, aahh, i envy you on that!! but a nice envy that is, not a bad and mean one ;-)))

just that, unfortunately your card hadnt arrived yet :(( The eight that did are above this post...but now i have hope brought back so im sure it will come here more paranoid about the cards i send :/
but when it does, it will take its place right here where it belongs to ;-))