Sunday, May 25, 2008

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Im making only a brief upload here, in honour of this weekend's F1 race which is taking place right here, in the streets of Monte Carlo.
This is a very old postcard actually, from before I was born, and was given to me few years ago by one of my mum's friends..but it is well preserved and sometimes it's nice to have something 'ancient' since you actually wont be able to so easily come across THAT card nowadays :P

Speaking of the race....uhmmm, qualifications went ok, im pleased....the race should be interesting...Monte Carlo always provides unique races due to its nature, coz its one of a they are predicting it may rain :))
(I just cant wait for the first night race which will take place in Singapore in THAT should be some new experience)
Well, we'll see...... :)


vera said...

i'm looking forward to the Singapore race too...well...let's wait a little bit more...just a few days and we will see's a pity for me that the race wasn't first featured several years ago when Renault was a lider....they'd win...ehhh!

Ana said...

ahhh, a Renault fan :))
hmm, I wonder why their performance had dropped down so rapidly...I mean, they were champions for two years and all of a sudden, they are so uncompetitive..
Im not a team supporter...Im more of a driver to whichever team he moves, i follow :))