Sunday, May 25, 2008

A short info

Due to the latest remodelling of the blog, I wont be able to upload postcards as frequently as I used to, though the ones I receive will be uploaded as soon as possible (let me not annoy you again with the story about my scanner :)))
Anyway, so far, I had mostly been uploading postcards i had received over the years before i got into all this postcard exchanging stuff :))
There are many left of those, but hopefully one day they will all be shown here...and it will be a nice mix between newly received postcards and old ones.
For now, apart from uploading the newly received cards, ill focus on writing history and information on the ones already uploaded (there are over 200 so its gonna be a tough job) but i really want to do this, so i dont feel it as a problem...except that i wish i had more time for it :)
So, in case you sometimes have extra time to kill and there is a scarce number of new stuff, you can always check some of the older stuff....some of them maybe will have an interesting thing to tell....and i will start from the oldest when there are postcards from the same town, they will have some continuity, and it will look as a story in chapters...otherwise it may get hectic or make no sense :)

so, that would be it...

PS. Congrats to Russia for the Eurovision win..;-)

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