Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lake Louise, Canada

uhhhhh, this is so breath taking!!! Got it as a private swap and I wish we here had cards like this...besides not having them, one thing i came to a conclusion is that we barely have regular size cards, but lets leave that for another post.

Lake Louise is a glacial lake in Alberta, Canada, located in the Banff National Park. It is named after the Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.
The unique emerald colour of the water comes from rock flour carried into the lake by melt-water from the glaciers that overlook the lake.

It is called Canada's "Diamond in the Wilderness," and the "Hiking Capital of Canada". This area offers a tremendous diversity of recreational and sightseeing opportunities. Lake Louise is home to one of North America's finest downhill ski areas, and has numerous hiking and walking trails. The region abounds with spectacular scenery, from glaciers to waterfalls.

(the back of the card says: Lake Louise is one of the most beautiful, peaceful spots on Earth)
By looking at the picture only, i cant help but agree :)

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