Friday, December 4, 2009

Festival of Postcards - White

Anticipating the snow to start falling...well, nothing has been on the forecast, but a view outside my window makes me think that its gonna start snowing sooner or later...though with my luck, its gonna end up raining...and until i get the chance to play in the snow for real, ill settle with some snow on postcards....

I had a post regarding Kalemegdan once, in case you want to have a look....well, unfortunately, i havent had the chance to witness Kalemegdan with snow, coz if we are to judge by this card, it seems to be lovely...this in particular is the so-called Despot's Tower, built in the 15th century, which dominates the north-east side of the fortress. Today it hosts the Astronomical Observatory, which has all the necessary equipment for sky observation.

Im trying to make a parallel here, between Belgrade and Skopje, and see which of our places could be our Kalemegdan..the first, and unfortunately only thing that comes to my mind is the Kale Fortress....but for some reason im not at all satisfied with my choice of comparison...from both places you can enjoy the view over the town, both places are fortresses...but I think that Kalemegdan can serve as one of those places where you can go to when you so much feel mad at the world and everything...and while sitting there in silence, watching the glimmering city lights, you feel how all your bad feelings seem to wither away.....and you just realize that life is beautiful and how much you love the city you live in.....the problem with our Kale Fortress is that due to the circumstances and the environment, you cant just go there and enjoy life alone in silence...esp. not at night (coz truth told, there is something special invoked by the glimmering city lights, esp from a distance...)

i sometimes wonder if i sound way too biased towards Belgrade and way too antagonistic towards if im always trying to find all the bad reasons why i dont like it here and why this place doesnt offer me any good reasons to stay here anymore...coz here, neither the whiteness of the snow seems to be able anymore to just wipe away those bad moments and emotions and leave the soul and mind clean and peaceful...neither the sound of the snowflakes can bring that purity of mind, but even worse, it only brings reminders of some better times that will never come back....i miss the snow of my childhood...i wonder if the snow had turned to be the same in the entire world, or is it just me, stuck and clinging to things ended long time ago and just find the offenders in everything else but me.......there is a lovely book i would recommend you to read during a cold winter night, covered under the blankets....Snow by Maxence Ferman....a book as simple and delicate and pure as the snow itself....i wholeheartedly recommend it...


Anastasia said...

that's a beautiful card and I have it too:) guess from who :D

We don't have fortresses like Kalemegdan here..well, the Kremlin is actually a fortress but it's not the place like this. It's always crowded and moreover, the government works there.

when I visited "Fortezza" in Rethymno, I felt the way you wrote: no people, silence, only you and the wind, the sky, the sea...very relaxing. the same was in Budva fortress, remember? i have a chance to hear from you before this year ends? lol:)

Ana said...

this calls for a *whoops* and a big blush....uhmmm you know how forgetful i am when it comes to messages and how much i procrastinate with it all...i promise to make up for it soon :*

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