Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Son, Viet Nam

Rain rain rain....and is there something better to do on such a day but update postcards? Well, for example....maybe later....for some reason just so not in the mood for with a nice big mug of coffee and the sound of the rain outside, lets show some cards...really nice ones, let me tell you ahead :)

I have one Vietnamese card already, but this is my first written and stamped....and then again, its of a great quality compared to the other one...and its a UNESCO....and last, but not least, sent from a very dear person of mine...
At first i got a bit confused when i read the text on the back, coz it starts with *This is My Son*....I wasnt sure if i had read it right, so i read it again and then actually turned to the front of the card to see her son....i feel like a real retard is even stated at the front what the name of the place is, but i overlooked it...well, at least someone's gonna have a laugh on my account and laughing is healthy and extends your life, so there is some benefit out of my ignorance..

My Son is the major site in Vietnam from the ancient Champa Kingdom which flourished between the 2nd and 15th centuries. Descendants of the Champa civilisation still live along the coast of Vietnam though they are now fully integrated in Vietnamese society.

The Kingdom at My Son dates back to the 4th century and remained fully occupied through until the 13th century which makes it the longest occupied of all the major monuments of SE Asia. It served as a religious and intellectual centre where Champa kings were crowned and buried. In 1999 it was named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

and there we go again....another card missent to Indonesia...i really dont know whats so appealing about Indonesia that my cards first urge to go there and then be brought to me....probably on force or if some tsunami had scared them out....
but there are two great stamps, both issues in 2008...the top one is from a set of 4 representing Ceremonial Lanterns, while the one below it was issued regarding the Centenary of Tran Quy Cap's Death (1870-1908)

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