Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wisconsin, USA

All the time i keep hearing this voice inside of me, saying "work Ana work!"...but i keep ignoring it...yeah well, i know im gonna hear it very loud and clear by tomorrow night when struggling with a deadline and wondering, oh why oh why did i procrastinate again....

here is another addition to my map card collection and more precisely, to my US map card collection...

Nickname: The Badger State
1999 Population: 5,274,827  (boy, thats twice as Macedonia!)
State Capital: Madison
Entered the Union: May 29th, 1848 (30th)
State Flower: Violet
State Bird: Robin

a definitive stamp first issued in 2007, and then re-issued in 2008, under the title Forever, which depicts the Liberty Bell, which is considered to be the most prominent and recognizable symbol regarding the American independence.

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