Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dubai, UAE (01)

My aunt has a friend who constantly travels around the globe and im openly jealous at her :)
And she always sends a card to my aunt from where she goes, and since my aunt aint a postcard collector, she gives them to me....which is the right thing to do :)

I think she went twice to Dubai and said its a place worth visiting...which i dont doubt at all!
Sometimes i wonder if i can maybe ask her to get several postcards for me from wherever she goes, doesnt need to send them, just collect them, and eventually send them all at once to me, or when she comes for a visit to Macedonia, bring them...I dont think she would say no, she is really nice and kind, but still, she is my aunt's friend, not mine....and i dont feel that comfortable to ask her, neither i want to put my aunt in some disadvantaged position.....but it would be really nice if it can happen....maybe....some day.....

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