Saturday, April 5, 2008

Barcelona, Spain (01)

One of the numerous cards I bought when i was in Barcelona, during my trip in 2004

There are several things i recall right now regarding Barcelona (which have nothing to do with historic facts or such).
I remember this part of the town which probably i could call one of the heaven places on Earth for me. It was a long street with loads of shops and most of them were music shops! Most of them probably didnt sell original CD's/DVD's but it was a pleasure to be able to see them....whenever i go abroad i get literally stuck in one of those Virgin/HMV shops, or whatever they happen to have there.
And I know that in some of the shops i saw Depeche Mode t-shirts and that was the first time in my life i have seen a DM t-shirt (coz music shops are rather retarded here) and I was soooo damn excited, and was ready to buy one, but needed to ask for a smaller number since those were something like XXXXL.....and i would have looked more than ridiculous in that...and when i asked the shop assistant for a smaller size, he responded in Spanish and said something like "para los niños" so I could figure out they only had sizes for guys.....aint that discrimination?! :)
But it was fun....


vera said...

That shop assistant meant sizes for kids...probably he asked you if you wanted a t-shirt for a kid

Ana said...

ohhh....I could fit in a t-shirt for a kid....I think at least :) I thought he referred to boys in general...hmmm...chicos, niños, hombre...who could make a difference with my poor Spanish :/