Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria

I got this when i went to Bulgaria on a one day trip, just cant recall which year it was...

As far as i can remember, i went with two other colleagues from University to Sofia, in order to get some books we needed....well, we didnt get most of the things we needed but the trip was one to times maybe a bit scary, but in general it was fun..I will never forget the cab in which we got in...we agreed with the cab driver that he takes us to the place we needed to go for 5 DM (deutch marks, the euro didnt exist then). When we got to the place, he asked for 15 DM...we were all puzzled and asked how come its 15 when we agreed on 5...and his response was: ooh, thats 5 for each of you! - I was like ready to blow, but figured out the we are not in the position to argue especially since we are not in our own we looked through our wallets, gathered 15 DM in coins and he refused to take them, coz listen to this, he ONLY accepted NOTES, NO COINS!!!
We got him the damn notes, got out, smashed the door totally pissed off and ventured for our one day journey in Sofia.....more about that, in some other post maybe

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