Friday, June 1, 2018

Panda Bears, Hong Kong

Next are two extra adorable panda bears from Hong Kong

To my great regret, I didn't manage to see the Pandas neither in Hong Kong nor in China, but it is on my list, and hoping to go back to China sooner or later, I do hope to see these lovely creatures. I've been also thinking of applying for a job as a panda bear caretaker - at least I won't need to know Chinese in order to be able to talk to them :)

Isn't this just way better than any office job out there... or just any job involving people :)

Two stamps on the card, and very conveniently, one of a panda bear too, issued in a set of 4 in 2008, in order to present the new giant panda bears in the Ocean Park in HK. The other stamp is from 2012 from a set of 6, commemorating the 150th Anniversary of stamp insurance in Hong Kong.

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