Friday, June 1, 2018

Costa Rica

From Hong Kong we move on to Costa Rica, to another one of the, 'oh it has arrived so long ago' cards.

The card shows an ox-cart, which is like way more beautiful than the usual ox-carts one is used to seeing. It makes you wonder if this is indeed used in everyday life or is it just like a museum exhibit.

But, the ox carts in Costa Rica indeed have a long, deep history in economics and the arts. These carts are not just a means of transportation; they represent the spirit of a country and even though  these days they are mainly used as ornaments there are still some places in Costa Rica where the roads are too rough for modern vehicles, or where the locals just can’t afford a car and these are the places where genuine use of ox carts is still prevalent. The art of hand-painting each ox cart is a tradition, and a symbol of a people, that has been passed down through the generations, and is a skill that some possess even today. 
The colours are just so beautiful and vibrant and all those small details as well.

I like buying souvenirs when I travel, but if I ever have the chance to go to Costa Rica, hopefully I won't come back with an ox-cart :D

the stamp here is actually a kind of a sticker, which has been used as postage since 2007. So unfortunately, cannot give any further details about it.

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