Saturday, April 7, 2018

My Neighbour Totoro

Time for some cartoon stuff...I think that one is never too old for cartoons and I still enjoy watching them. Well at least some kinds of animated stuff... like those produced by the Ghibli studio (and I found out that just yesterday one of its co-founders, Isao Takahata, had died at the age of 82 - I am starting to find the timing of my posts today a bit freaky now...if you haven't watched The Grave of the Fireflies, I recommend you do so, a really heart-touching story!

But today's card ain't related to Takahata, but to another one of my all time favourite directors, and that is Hayao Miyazaki - for me, the God of anime! :)
And the card above shows a scene from the first Miyazaki movie  I have ever watched and which made me want to watch everything by Miyazaki eventually, that's My Neighbour Totoro.

What I love about his work is that it all deals with humanity and teachers children good values, how to be human and a good person in general, how to love life and be grateful for what you have.
Much better than a number of dumb cartoons and animations shown nowadays =/
It is said that what makes his work so great is his - heart. Cos you can indeed easily see when something has been done from the heart and when you truly believe in it.

Do you watch cartoons? Any favourites? And of course, do you like the Miyazaki ones? :)

Btw, do you know on which date Totoro was released? April 16th... and it will be exactly 30 years this year since it first saw the light of the day.


Eva A. said...

Cartoons aren't among my favourite films, but My Neighbour Totoro is an exception. I just love that film, and I would be delighted to get such a postcard!

Ana said...

In case you haven't watched some other Miyazaki films, I wholeheartedly recommend them, like for example, Spirited Away (many have voted this one as their favourite Miyazaki for some reason), or Kiki's Delivery Service :)

Eva A. said...

Now your post makes me feel like watching more of Miyazaki films! Thanks for the hints.